iXpro SoM Evaluation Kit

Optimal wireless connectivity with the i.MX 93 Evaluation Kit from NXP Semiconductors and the ithinx System on Module


Successful IoT development with NXP Semiconductors and ithinx

Concentrated power for your IoT project: Together, the edge intelligence of the i.MX 93 evaluation kit (MCIMX93-EVKCM) from NXP Semiconductors and the System on Module for wireless connectivity developed together with ithinx form the optimal basis for your IoT development.

i.MX 93 Evaluation board with ithinx SOM
i.MX 93 Evaluation board with ithinx SOM

What does the evaluation kit offer?

An evaluation board provides engineers and developers with a platform for prototyping and evaluating new electronic designs, components or systems. It allows you to test concepts and functionalities without having to build a complete custom PCB from scratch.

The iXpro System on Module offers all the benefits of the i.MX93 – 1-2x Arm® Cortex®-A55 @ 1.7 GHz, Arm Cortex-M33 @ 250Mhz, EdgeLock® secure enclave, with the i.MX 93 Evaluation Kit (MCIMX93-EVKCM) as a base.

iXpro System on Module
iXpro System on Module

What makes the ithinx SoM so special?

The iXpro System on Module brings more wireless connectivity into a compact offering.

The standard i.MX 93 evaluation kit normally needs to be supplemented with separate accessory boards for the IW612 chip to enable wireless connectivity.

With the iXpro Evaluation Kit, on the other hand, a System on Module (SoM) is integrated on the board. Together with organic antennas, this enables wireless connectivity with a multi-RF solution on the board (Wifi + Zigbee/Thread + Bluetooth).

Advantages of the iX­pro SoM Eva­lua­ti­on Kit

  • Save time and money

    Antenne Icon
    Antenne Icon
    An integrated antenna saves time and costs when certifying the solution
  • Ready to use

    Charakterisierung Icon
    Charakterisierung Icon
    Standard module with additional mounting options (e.g. memory)
  • Reliable integration

    Kooperation Icon
    Kooperation Icon
    Integrated wireless driver and various interfaces for display, camera, audio and much more.
  • Linux Operating System

    Zulassung Icon
    Zulassung Icon
    Runs with Linux OS including Board Support Package
  • Optimum Performance

    Patented onboard antenna developed by ithinx for the best possible results
  • Quick to market

    Erfahrung Icon
    Cost-effective and quickly available solution thanks to our integrated and patented antenna

Optimize your IoT development with the iXpro SoM Evaluation Kit

Use the iXpro System on Module together with the Evaluation Board as the basis for developing your IoT designs, components or systems.

iXpro Gateway Seitenperspektive
iXpro Gateway Seitenperspektive

The iXpro Evaluation Kit in combination with the iXpro Gateway

Our multiprotocol gateway complements the iXpro Evaluation Kit with easy integration across multiple interfaces. Designed for fast time-to-market, it is equipped with patented integrated antenna technology that ensures both performance and cost efficiency.

Discover the iXpro Gate­way

Take a closer look at the IXpro System

Video Preview SoM
Video Preview SoM

Fur­ther So­lu­tions

  • Antennen & Funk
    Antennen und Funklösungen

    Antenna & Wireless

    Our patented antenna solutions are effective, practical and compliant with industry regulations.

    Learn more
  • Gateway


    Edge-Intelligence and other connectivity options for RTOS and Linux.

    Learn more
  • Testing & Zertifizierung
    Testing und Zertifizierung

    Testing & Certification

    We ensure your product is ready for market success.

    Learn more

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