Testing und Zertifizierung
Testing und Zertifizierung

Testing & Certification

Ensure that your product is ready for success in the market.


Our offering

  • Investment
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    Invest in testing, save money

    Pre-certification tests save you money and testing time for EMV and wireless. Our testing is even available for devices not developed by us.

  • Lernen

    Learn through us

    Concepts for End-to-End-software tests and consultancy based on our decades of experience.

  • Skalierbarkeit
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    Automated and scaleable

    Automatated End-to-End-software tests with Design for Testing (DFT) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM)



With our extensive laboratory equipment, we can ensure that your product meets EMC and radio requirements before you go to an official testing agency for certifications such as CE.

This offers you:

  • Peace of mind at a lower cost by avoiding multiple retests
  • Ensuring that you only need one official testing appointment
  • More detailed feedback on potential problem areas
ithinx bei der Arbeit in Duisburg
ithinx bei der Arbeit in Duisburg

Software Testing

End-to-end software testing is central to ensuring the reliability, functionality and overall quality of a software product. This involves testing the entire software application, including its interfaces, integrations and interactions with various components. This comprehensive testing approach simulates real-world usage scenarios and uncovers potential errors, inconsistencies, or performance issues that may not be apparent in isolated testing phases. By identifying and fixing these issues early in the development process, end-to-end testing helps save time and resources, ultimately reducing software maintenance costs.

Benefit from our experience!

Whether consulting or outsourcing testing services to ithinx, we have the experience.

Qualifications within the team:

  • ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Agile Tester
  • ISTQB Mobile Application Tester
  • Six Sigma Green and Black Belt

Over 50 years of experience in automated testing for e.g. Zigbee, BLE, KNX, WLAN, NB-IoT

Further Services

  • Gateway


    Edge-Intelligence and other connectivity options for RTOS and Linux.

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  • Antennen & Funk
    Antennen und Funklösungen

    Antenna & Wireless

    Effective, practical and compliant with industry regulations. Whether a carefully selected standard antenna or a custom-made one

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  • Kundenberatung

    Customised Consulting
    & Development Services

    A standard solution does not always solve the individual problem. Based on our core competencies, we find the optimal setup for your requirements.

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