Customised Consulting
& Development Services.

A standard solution does not always solve the individual problem. Based on our core competencies, we find the optimal setup for your requirements.

  • What we offer:

  • Hardware & Software Development

    Hard- und Software
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    Hardware and customised software components, interface support and operating systems based on classic RTOS and embedded Linux
  • Wireless & Integration

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    LAN/PAN communication standards such as Wifi, ZigBee, Thread, and Bluetooth as well as WAN communication standards such as 2.5G, NBIoT or LoRa. Our expertise enables us to integrate our end-to-end systems into various ecosystems and standardisation alliances such as Apple Home Kit, Google Home, Nest Weave and Matter
  • Security

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    We consider the security of our connectivity end-to-end and certify the entire system according to various norms and certification standards
  • Production Support

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    We look after worldwide approvals and arrange established EMS cooperations for production. Our efficient and reliable project management ensures planning security on all sides.
  • Well planned

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    We work according to project plans: goal-oriented, on schedule and cost-conscious. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are our benchmarks and form the basis for multidimensional development, economic stability and long-term success.
Custom Lösung
Custom Lösung

From the idea to the realisation.

  • We seek holistic solutions by looking at IoT end-to-end.
  • We create results by seamlessly connecting different ecosystems and deliver solutions and solution platforms for fast and efficient concept validation.
  • We cultivate long-term client relationships and generate added value due to our technological expertise as well as our methodical, professional and strategic mindset.
  • With our teams of interdisciplinary experts, we successfully advise you on customised business extensions and the future development of your business models.

Further Solutions

  • Gateway


    Edge-Intelligence and other connectivity options for RTOS and Linux.

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  • Testing & Zertifizierung
    Testing und Zertifizierung

    Testing & Certification

    Ensure your product is ready for market success.

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  • Antennen & Funk
    Antennen und Funklösungen

    Antenna & Wireless

    Effective, practical and compliant with industry regulations. Whether a carefully selected standard antenna or a custom-made one

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