Smart Lock

Development of a scalable locking system

How do you implement secure radio communication between any number of devices in widely distributed rooms as the basis for a scalable locking system?

ithinx has solved this task on behalf of its customer by combining radio and wired data transmission.

Our project steps

Aim was the distribution of any number of gateways in the rooms. Each gateway should be able to collect data from up to 250 battery-powered radio nodes. In turn, the gateways should communicate via bus system to the central information point.

The result is an arbitrarily scalable radio system. For an absolutely secure radio transmission, additional gateways can easily be installed in areas with poor radio coverage. Encrypted data transmission ensures the required security.

Our technical solutions

  • Development of a locking system with a combination of wireless and wired data transmission
  • Gateways communicate with radio nodes via ZigBee
  • Encrypted end-to-end transmission – from RFID tag to control centre