Read how ithinx helped witbutler and its platform partners become Matter-ready.

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wibutler Gateway, jetzt Matter-fähig
wibutler Gateway, jetzt Matter-fähig

About wibutler

wibutler is a software and technology company based in Münster (Westf.), Germany. The company supports manufacturers from various industries in integrating their smart products into connected homes. The company’s core product is a smart home solution that works independently of manufacturers to make home automation tangible, usable and simple for everyone.

Michael Jüdiges
Michael Jüdiges

“Matter is an evolving, multi-layered subject. ithinx supported us from the start by collating information from the working groups to give us a clear understanding of the potential impact on our system. Based on this, they then created a Matter Bridge Application for us, software that connects the functionality of our own gateway and system with that of the Matter world.”

– Michael Jüdiges from wibutler

How ithinx helped

ithinx has been advising wibutler and many of its partners on Matter.

Matter has emerged as a potential language for improving interoperability between smart home devices. The standard was launched in late 2022 and will continue to evolve as more devices and systems join the ecosystem. As a major SmartHome platform, wibutler and its partners needed to keep up with developments in the Matter world, define their own role within this ecosystem and ensure functionality.

Services for wibutler 

  • Consultancy
  • Software development for the gateway
  • Tonie Box
    Tonie Box


  • Viessmann Wärmepumpe
    Viessmann Wärmepumpe


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