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Tonie Box
Tonie Box

About Tonies

The Toniebox, an innovative, colourful audio cube for easy playback of audio stories and songs with a creative family of characters that encourages listening and promotes haptic play and experience.

For the development, ‘Tonies’ were looking for a strategic partner to support them in their product development. The collaboration began in the area of our core expertise, radio and antenna development. After the successful completion of the first joint projects, ithinx gradually took over responsibility for the further development of the Toniebox’s embedded hardware and software. But always with the aim of supporting the Tonies in building up their own expertise and teams.

How did ithinx help

Due to global supply chain problems that arose in 2021 and the resulting limited availability of the WiFi modules used, ithinx’s development work also included the very short-term realisation of an alternative, market-ready solution to ensure the Toniebox’s continued ability to deliver to the market.

Christian Sprinkmeyer
Christian Sprinkmeyer

“Our own market success was a challenge that we could not overcome with our own resources alone. ithinx provided us with excellent support during this time and played an important role in the recent hardware and software modernisation measures.”

Dr. Christian Sprinkmeyer, Chief Product Officer, Tonies

Services for Tonies

  • Support in requirements management
  • Joint creation of system architecture
  • Production-ready development of the Toniebox hardware and software
  • Definition of test concepts and implementation of tests during development
  • Antenna design, radio measurement and optimisation
  • Qualification of the development results
  • Managing radio and electronics approvals in the global target markets
  • Creation of production tests in the device in close coordination with the series manufacturer
  • Project management using the ithinx development processes
  • Provision of test and production equipment, for example for incoming goods inspection of NFC tags delivered in trays
  • Viessmann Wärmepumpe
    Viessmann Wärmepumpe


  • wibutler Gateway, jetzt Matter-fähig
    wibutler Gateway, jetzt Matter-fähig


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