IoT Wireless Technology

Support and consulting for Radio-frequency (RF) technology

A key objective of IoT products is to provide information from the real world to other communication partners via a network. In order to be able to achieve this as flexibly as possible, most products make use of wireless communication technologies.

The challenges that arise here are manifold: On the one hand, the product should usually be compact and easy to integrate into existing solutions. On the other hand, it should often be flexible in its application and be able to be manufactured in large quantities. These and other requirements are why it is usually lucrative to develop customized solutions for individual challanges.

ithinx can look back on many years of experience and expertise in the field of high frequency technology.

The ithinx development experts support customers from a wide variety of industries – like intelligent sensors, locking systems, lighting technology or digital toys – and advise regarding the question:

How can you – despite all the challenges – achieve excellent antenna performance, meet current standards, and pass international radio licensing?

Our approach

  • Determination of customer requirements
  • Elaboration of an individual concept
  • Characterization of material parameters and environmental properties
  • Design and optimization using electromagnetic simulations
  • Realization and verification based on prototyping
  • Product development and support for series production
  • Support and preparation for radio approvals
  • Support for quality assurance of production

Our expertise

  • Development of antennas: Compact, Integrated, Multiband, Tunable Apertures
  • Development of RF-Frontends: PLLs, Filter, Couplers, Switches
  • Cellular: 3GPP LTE-NB, 3GPP LTE-M, 3GPP 5G
  • Inhouse/Meshed: IEEE 802.11 WiFi, IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee/Z-Wave, IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth
  • Positioning/Tracking: GPS, GALILEO, RFID, NFC, etc.
  • Approval and market placement according to CE, RED, FCC, ISED, RTA, UL, CCC, EMC, Safety

Our equipment

  • Anechoic Compact Hybrid Chamber (fully)
  • Vector Network and Spectrum Analyzers
  • Radio Communication & Protocol Testers
  • 3D EM-Simulation Solutions (Antenna Design, Signal Integrity, Thermal)