Smart Outdoor Lighting

Development of a multi-radio IoT hardware

Our aim was the development of a multi-radio hardware for smart street lamps, which combines the functions of monitoring, metering and messaging. The wireless connection to the internet cloud should be build up encrypted end-to-end.

Smart Lightning Bild 2
Smart Lightning Bild 1 Lit Bridge

Our project steps

The development was started in close cooperation with our customer and in an agile approach. Since this was a brand new development, the use cases were defined first and the added value for the new communication system was determined.
In the first step, the new technologies were evaluated and the feasibility presented in a proof-of-concept.

Subsequently, the product development was started and transferred to the production in Asia after certification and approvals. The project duration from conception to transfer into production took approx. one and a half years. The hardware is particularly introduced in large quantities into the North American market.

Our technical solutions

  • Development of a multi-radio solution with GSM (LTE), GPS, RFID and Zigbee
  • Localization of the street lamp via GPS und RFID
  • Construction of a local Mesh network with Zigbee
  • Sensor evaluation (e.g. inclination, acceleration, approximation) for an automatic emergency call, consumption measurement, dimming and maintenance work