Smart Climate

Development of smart products for smart climate

Through connectivity, we enable heating systems to operate economically and ecologically. This not only increases comfort, but also avoids the waste of heating. Digital and intelligent systems also optimally adopt the heaters’ operation to homes and users needs. The user saves energy and protects the climate.

For its customer, a leading manufacturer of heating systems, ithinx has developed smart products for the intelligent control of a heating system. This is a central gateway for communication with the heating system via smartphone, tablet, directly or via cloud.

Smart Climate Bild 2
Smart Climate Bild 1

A sensor for temperature and humidity transmits its data via the gateway into the system or cloud for further data processing. The room temperature is also controlled by our integrated thermostat and the floor control valve.

Our project steps

  • Technology-scouting
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Product development
  • Transfer to production after achieving certification and approval


Our expertise

  • Development of a multi-radio gateway for connecting a heating system to the cloud with interfaces/communication protocols OpenTherm, OptoLink, CAN, WiFi, Zigbee, MQTT, USB, REST
  • Development of a local climate sensor for integration into a local Mesh network
  • Integration of a room thermostat and floor control valve via Zigbee radio
  • Approval and market placement in accordance with CE, RED, FCC, ISED, RTA, UL, CCC, with EMC, Safety